The Parrot AR Drone 2 Review

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Parrot SA, a French company that is popular for making drones was founded in 1994 is actually a company that specializes in voice recognition and signal processing technology. But it is, as stated above, more well known for the drones that it makes. Parrot’s drones, specifically the AR Drone series is pretty popular among drone enthusiasts because of the sleek and attractive design that this line has. Parrot SA prides itself in making user friendly products and ready to fly drones out of the box. This is probably why their drones are pretty popular with beginners.

Parrot AR Drone 2

So let us talk about the Parrot AR Drone 2. This mid-range level quadcopter has excellent features for its price range. Based on the parrot ar drone quadricopter reviews, it is made of sturdy plastic which allows for longer flight time because it is lighter than most drones. It also has 2 cameras, one high definition camera mounted in front and another mounted at the bottom to get a bird’s eye view perspective. This quadcopter can be controlled through a smartphone app called FreeFlight and is available in both Google Play and Apple App Store. Aside from the cameras built in to it, this quadcopter is also a hit with hobbyists because it can perform tricks like twists and flips through a touch of a button. That’s pretty cool right? The range of flight time is around 10-12 minutes, which is a considerable amount of time for an entry level drone. It has a range of 50 meters which is pretty good because you don’t have to constantly chase it in order to control it. The downside to this drone is that the HD quality of the cameras isn’t really that excellent, but it is passable.

So there you go, that is the Parrot AR Drone 2. If you want to read a more in depth review, check out the parrot ar drone quadricopter reviews at For reviews of other drones, you can also check out that website. It is a great resource for drone aficionados. Visit it now!


Short Review About Adobe Lightroom

  • Not everyone in this world is aware about the existence of Adobe Lightroom.
  • Lightroom is one of the many products of Adobe System.
  • Give Adobe Lightroom a try, I’m sure you’ll like the outcome of your images.

Not everyone in this world is aware about the existence of Adobe Lightroom. Most people, especially those who are not related to photography, knows only one photo editing tool; Photoshop. So in this article, I’ve decided to talk more about and give a short review about Adobe Lightroom.

What is Adobe Lightroom?

Basically, Lightroom is one of the many products of Adobe System (makers of huge photo editing tools like Photoshop and Elements). The company decided to develop Lightroom because they want to help professional photographers save time and effort in modifying their tons of images.

LR 24I believe that the best thing about Adobe Lightroom is not just it’s capacity to modify hundreds of images at once, I think what makes Lightroom desirable is its free presets for Lightroom, or filtered images that can be used anytime.

Basically, as a hobbyist, I don’t think that Lightroom will replace Photoshop. I mean, Photoshop will be Photoshop. It will always be the best tool for complex editing needs. Lightroom is just a laid back tool for photographers who wishes to have a stress free editing process.

I had the chance to use the program and I really like everything about it. Moreover, I believe that this tool will help me grow as a photographer, and maybe soon I’ll accept photography offers.

The latest version of Adobe Lightroom is not perfect, there are some issues about their geo tagging, but I’m sure Adobe would do anything to make it right.

In my opinion, Lightroom is indeed the best tool to use for your images, I know it was designed for professional photographers, but the thing here is, the interface is also suitable for amateurs and hobbyist like me.

Give Adobe Lightroom a try, I’m sure you’ll like the outcome of your images.

Photo Editing and Enhancing with Lightroomc Presets  

  • A photo editing solution for all your photography needs
  • Creating various effects and features via Lightroom presets
  • Becoming like a professional photographer through presets for Lightroom

It’s about time to make some changes with your photos. In fact, you want some complete overhaul, from editing to posting, so that through these pictures you can generate more following on your website or social media account.

kkThen it’s about time you consider this Lightroom presets torrent. Lightroom has laid all the cards for you already, so you can create no ordinary effects on your photo. Tons of presets are available online, and with that, you’re only limited by your imagination.

You can create a variety of effects to your photos with this Lightroom presets torrent. It is so convenient in that as soon as you can download it, you are in for a multitude of effects that you can incorporate with your photos, complete with all the specific features that accentuate your photo editing and enhancing.

Now every Tom, Dick and Harry will have the chance to become a photographer out of using this Lightroom presets torrent. More than knowing certain color schemes or angles for your photo at times; knowing the right tools for the enhancement of your photo as well makes the difference.

As soon as you get these presets, you are in for a ride, because you will get to see photos that are technically sophisticated to say the least and yet easy to edit and enhance. That is the wonder of having this best action cam Lightroom presets torrent with you. Not a day goes by that your photos will have the enhancement that they need.

So the only thing you need to do is download these presets now. Only then will you be able to produce photos that at the outset looked like a photographer’s masterpiece or a designer’s opus. This Lightroom presets torrent is the ultimate solution to your photo editing and enhancing needs.

Why Watch These Lightroom Tutorials

  • Comprehensive tutorials for Lightroom use
  • Tips on how to save time when editing your photos
  • Using appropriate presets for your photos through the aid of a tutorial

In the old days, you have to hire someone to teach you on how to navigate your photo-enhancing tool after getting it online. That isn’t the case today, especially if you’re using Lightroom.

You can have your Lightroom tutorials as soon as you download these collections of presets and brushes. There are videos for you to follow, so you can create stunning effects out of the tools Lightroom has.

In these Lightroom tutorials, you’ll learn how to navigate its menu bar, along with its features for the enhancement of your photos. As soon as you get the hang of it, you can edit your photos using Lightroom’s unique array of presets that you can add.



These tutorials are so vital because it allows you to:

  • Use the appropriate preset for your photos – If you can use the right preset for your photos, you can easily experiment with its effects. And you can only do that by learning the basics through these Lightroom tutorials.
  • Save time when editing your photos – Take pains to watch these tutorials before using it with your photos. There is less error if you extract something from that tutorial you just watched.
  • Navigate easily when it comes to editing – One of the many benefits of having these tutorials is you get to see and feel eventually the flow of using Lightroom tools for your photos. You will grope in the dark if you immediately use Lightroom without seeing at least these tutorials.

“You need to learn the words,” as the saying goes. The same can be said also when you use Lightroom for your photos. These tutorials in video form will only help find ways for you to navigate the app according to your preference and pace at times.

You will find it beneficial after watching these videos. You will notice that using Lightroom is as easy as using your favorite app on your mobile phone. In fact, using it is as cool as downloading it.

So don’t jump immediately into the action, not until you’ve watched these Lightroom tutorials, where you get to use the appropriate preset and brush for your photo, save you a lot of time and enables you to navigate with ease.

Take time to watch these videos, along with some popcorn or what have you. Then you will see that using Lightroom is just a matter of getting used to it.

That HDR Look Through Photoshop  

If you want to get the best out of your pictures, HDR effects in Photoshop is the tool for you.  In fact, you don’t have to shoot multiple photos anymore, just one JPEG file will do, but HDR effects in Photoshop will make your seemingly ordinary photos into masterpieces in their own unique way.

PA3One of the great things with HDR effects is the process duplicating the layers of your photos. This set up will make your images more pronounced like making light areas into pure white.

So flexible is this layer blending that you can also set up a linear burn as part of its feature, which also has its elimination process, especially with those black areas in your picture.

Aside from duplicating layers and incorporating linear burns, HDR effects in Photoshop can also do overlays by selecting the layer mask while pressing ctrl+1 (invert). This set up will darken light shadows and puts contrast on your photo. This is a powerful tool of adding texture and drama to your picture.

Here’s a video on how to install Lightroom presets on Mac and PC:

You can also experiment HDR effects in Photoshop, optimal values for overlay and linear burn are 40% and 55% respectively. With these ranges, you can set up your foreground color along with its corresponding commands as far as color range is concerned. Aside from selecting the layer mask, though, you can soften it by using the Gaussian blur filter.

You can also colorize your picture into red tones to create that more painting feel of your photo through its gradient map.

Such is the richness that HDR effects can give to your photo images, bringing that cool HDR look. And mind you, there is even a tutorial for you to learn more of its unique tools for the enhancement of your photos. So get this Photoshop effect now and make the most out it and for that improved look you’ve always wanted.

Detailed Review of DreamHost  

pbn22Dreamhost web-hosting company started hosting in 1997 in Los Angeles, California with a goal to provide the best hosting solutions to their subscribers. Today, the company continues to host over 2 million domains.

Quick Overview

DreamHost hosting company was founded by four college dorm mates: Michael Rodriguez, Josh Jones, Sage Weil and Dallas Bethune. Despite the fast growth of the company, DreamHost experienced several issues such as server attacks by unknown hackers, and the 2 known major outage which compromised the entire functions and services.

After those two unfortunate events, the company promised to do everything they can so that those things will never happen again in the future. DreamHost has built stronger security measures to avoid hackers from attacking their servers again. Moreover, the company hired more skilled and well-trained customer support representatives to assist subscribers with their hosting problems and issues.

DreamHost Exciting Features

A lot of people considered DreamHost as the fastest growing web hosting provider. Most of them like the way their customer service handles their queries and concerns. Moreover, the company never fails to make their services reliable and fast.

The company offers not only web shared hosting,  but also other services like Cloud, VPS, and Dedicated Server hosting that is intended for bloggers, multiple site owners and business owners.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Hosted Domains
  • Money Back Guarantee of 97 days

If you want to apply for their shared hosting package, you can get it for as low as $8.95 a month. Under this package includes unlimited bandwidth, storage, domains, 1 free month subscription, 24/7 customer service support and more. DreamHost is definitely one of the most reliable providers in the market today. Their past issues will never be a hindrance of what they can offer today. Look for more Dreamhost hosting review to understand the reason why people love their services.

Personal Experience with Digital Ocean

DO4Ever since I started using Digital Ocean’s hosting services, I noticed that my website runs perfectly well and does not experience any down times. There are a lot of hosting providers in the market today. However some of them deliver unreasonable, unreliable and slow hosting services and features.

Since 2013, Digital Ocean hosting company has gone through a lot of hard times in cleaning up their system and making it as simple as possible. In addition, their hosting price have not increased that much over the years and even if they have a lot of subscribers. That is also the main reason why users like their packages because they know the company will do everything to safeguard the entire progress of their websites. On the other hand, even though they just started hosting four years ago, they already proved that they can compete with the other hosting providers in terms of pricing, features, freebies and other stuff.

I am still currently using their $5 a month VPS package which contains 512 MB and 20 GB disk space. I have no problems with their services; in fact, I am planning to subscribe in another plan like dedicated server since I want to use it to my business website. Most importantly, Digital Ocean make sure that they alert their users about server maintenance, outrages and new updates.

The only drawbacks and complaints I noticed about the hosting company is that they will not offer any options to subscribe to add any IP services.


  • Great Server Performance
  • Affordable and reasonable price
  • Easy to navigate cPanel


  • Does not allow additional IP service
  • Unable to provide server monitoring
  • Tutorials were uncertain at times


I would highly recommend Digital Ocean for any of your personal or business sites as well as applications. It is good to know that the company continues to do things to improve their services and to avoid technical difficulties. Find the best June coupon for digital ocean hosting and available huge discounts.

General Overview of Arvixe

arvixe 3What is Arvixe?

Arvixe is a web hosting company which started in San Luis Obispo, California in 2003. It is a private hosting company which goal is to serve small time businesses. Arvixe is currently offering services for both Linux and Windows operating system. Moreover, the company offers affordable hosting plans for shared, reseller, vps and dedicated plans.

Arvixe has a team of skilled and experienced tech professionals. In addition, the company is known to be a people oriented company which resulted to a strong organization. Arvixe also has a mission to fulfill the hosting needs of every client in the world.

The company strives to provide the highest quality of hosting services at a lower price possible without compromising the performance and features.

Cost and Pricing

In terms of Pricing, the company offers a wide range of hosting plans. According to their website, they offer two sub plans under shared hosting (Personal Class, Personal Pro Class), reseller class, dedicated class and VPS class plans. The prices and features vary from $2.80 to $429 a month. Arvixe became popular and well known because of its cheap plans and high quality hosting services. They even received several awards such as the best affordable hosting company in year 2012. For more arvixe vps review, watch the video below:

Adobe Lightroom Preset As Listed by Infoparrot

????????????????????Considered as the most popular photo editing and management tool in the market, Lightroom has been the program that both beginners and professional photographers are using. Because it is simple and affordable, Lightroom has no sign of being dethroned as the widely-used program.

What is more attractive about the program is that it has a lot of default presets to choose from. has listed the best Lightroom presets of 2015 or photoshop filters free and here are some of them.

First on the list is the presets by Sleeklens. It is loaded with various transition effects such as parallax scrolling and fly-in animation to deliver your users a great browsing experience. Even without coding knowledge, Sleeklens’ Themify presets has made it easier to build complex images. This preset is best for images that are going to be shared online.

Next is a popular template among Lightroom preset store that is called Pluto. It has a great design and high usability. This template created by Lightroom fanatic and has some awesome features, such as unlimited colors, 70 shortcodes, Translation ready, Demo content included — one click demo import, Six awesome sliders and so much more.

Created in October 2014 by Infoparrot, Exist Ultimate bundle of presets is one of the bests. This presets can be the best option for different sorts of images like vintage, modern, classy and etc.

Lastly, Marketica is one of the best Lightroom presets of 2015 because of its unlimited layout and visual composer. You have plenty of options with Marketica that you can basically build pretty much any marketplace you want.

Check more of their original showcase on infoparrot by visiting the infoparrot’s website.

Check out this guide on how to install Lightroom Presets in your computer.

ASO Went Eco-friendly

A Small Orange want to announce that our procedures are actually 150% eco-friendly! We know our clients concerns concerning the environment impact of the hosting, so we share their dedication to making certain their own internet procedures not harm the atmosphere. From your shared hosting servers to dedicated servers, A Small Orange has had steps we feel that companies must take to deal with the functional problem of information center energy consumption and it is environment impact. Not just is hosting at ASO carbon-neutral, we at ASO have selected to visit one step further and return more eco-friendly energy towards the power grid than we use, ensuring our hosting not just will not harm the atmosphere and can really lead positively perfectly into a more healthy planet.

A Small Orange chose 3Degrees to assist us assess our environment impact and offset any impact that people had through purchasing Certified Renewable Energy Certificates. 3Degrees helps organizations like ours match our electricity use with Eco-friendly-e® Energy Certified Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). By buying RECs, we help provide renewable energy project proprietors having a revenue stream that supplements the revenue they secure in the purchase from the project’s electricity therefore growing eco-friendly energy producers competition with non-renewable fuels like coal and gas. aso-header

Getting More Wind Energy towards the Power grid

Wind energy may be the conversion of wind energy right into a helpful type of energy, and something REC bought by A Small Orange signifies one megawatt hour (MWh) of wind-produced energy shipped towards the energy power grid by certainly one of 34 national wind projects. They even offer a small orange coupon codes for customers to continually build connection. Wind projects like Farmers City Wind Project in Missouri and Red Hills Wind Farm in Oklahoma rely on REC purchases to enable them to target power companies at a small fraction of the real price of producing the greater costly renewable energy, enabling more eco-friendly energy for use by more and more people cheaper.

A Small Orange’s 150% purchase of wind-produced energy is simply one a part of our dedication to sustainable hosting that does not harm the earth.

Many A Small Orange employees work partly or solely at home, just another part of our sustainable business strategy. A study through the President’s Council of monetary Advisors launched in March 2010 outlined the overall advantages of remote employed by both employees and firms, which incorporated “reducing absenteeism, lowering turnover, enhancing the healthiness of employees, and growing productivity.”

Lots of people don’t understand that remote working may be the eco-friendly choice too! Remote working helps ASO conserve energy by getting more compact offices that consume less energy and assets, and our remote working program helps preserve the atmosphere by reduction of commuter traffic. By permitting employees to operate remotely, we keep cars off course which reduces the quantity of toxic gases and mud contaminants launched in to the atmosphere along with the chemicals cleaned into our rivers, wells, and rivers.

Importance Of Putting Customers’ Needs First

The first step of making a company more successful is by putting customers’ needs as firs priority. It involves putting customers’ needs and requirements ahead of everything else. This builds a strong relationship between the company and customers since the company gets an opportunity to look at the customers’ needs and give the best experience to the customers.

It is necessary to acknowledge and thank the customers using various channels to encourage the. The focus of the company is to serve the clients and determine the level of satisfaction to measure the success of the organization.

To achieve the best results, an organization has to constantly change and adapt to the customers dynamic needs. Customers’ needs and requirements changes with time. This means that the organization has to adapt to the changes in order to retain their customers. Failure to do so can result in losing customers to the competitors.

The dominating companies in the market understand the market needs that’s why most of them keep dominating. They have all the confidence of their loyal customers who continue to pay for the services year in year out. The following are tips for making companies more customer-oriented so they can ultimately get great reviews like Siteground have.

1. Customer’s need- It is important to know what a customer want. This can be done conducting a marketing field research and investigating what is on demand. The data collected will provide important information about people’s expectation of the company.

2. Provision of goods and services available- The customers need to be provided with exactly what they want. The goods and services should be affordable and of the best value.

3. Accessibility- The goods and services provided by the company should be accessible to the customers at all times. This will increase the market range and also retain the customers.

4. Reliability- The promises that are given to the customers must be fulfilled in time. It is very easy to damage reputation by giving false promises to the customers. It is crucial for the company to set some realistic goals that can be achieved as expected.

5. Appreciation- It is important to appreciate the customers for paying for the goods and services offered. The there are various channels that can be used to appreciate the customers for instance social media or even sending text messages of appreciation.

6. Adaptation to changes- The customers’ needs and wants changes with time. It is essential to study the trend and adapt to any changes that occur in order to retain the customers.

7. Feedback- The Company should ensure that the customers can easily leave feedback. This is to ensure that any complaints arising can be noted and dealt with immediately. Also, it can help to know exactly the kind of goods and services they need.

8. Rewards- It is important to reward customers. This can be done by allowing discounts, or organizing a party. The rewards can motivate the customers and build their confidence for the company.

In conclusion, Customers’ needs and wants are sensitive therefore they should be monitored properly to meet the objective of the company. The customers determine whether the company will succeed of fail.

Job of a Webmaster

Webmasters are known to be one of the most helpful of professionals that will make sure that the website will be well maintained for the sake of a better look. These specialists are known to be perfect for those who might need to have their site in good condition, and rest assured that the job of a web master will be truly something that you need for the sake of better information sharing. Whether you’re going to use them for sales or just for the sake of sharing a nice message to the people, expect that the aid of these professionals will be perfect indeed.

If you want to learn more about the job of a webmaster, then just take note that these are divided into various tasks for you to get a better understanding on how capable they are when it comes to making the site neatly done. If you’re interested, here are the tasks that they are proud to do for you:

Server Maintenance
server maintenanceThese experts are known to good when it comes to maintaining the server in order to guarantee you the perfect way to make your website stable all the time. It’s the webmaster’s responsibility to make sure that they will be able to choose the right server for the sake of making your website stable and running well. They are capable of canvassing the perfect server that’s totally secure and safe to operate. They are also good at providing backup services to make things perfect for the site whenever the need arises.

Making sure that the program of the site is well developed is what the web master is capable of as well. They will make sure that the functionality of the website will be perfect in many ways, plus they will also guarantee to you the perfect codes that have less bugs, and in order to make the niche or the actual site perfect in terms of its operation. They are capable of making updates on the program itself so that everything will be more functional time after time.

Web Design
web designMaking the site good looking is what these professionals are capable of, too. They are known to be the best when it comes to making the website good looking at all times, and they will guarantee you a nice way to set up the best margins, and even follow the trending web designs of all time so that you will have no worries when it comes to thinking whether your site is good looking or old looking. They will also make sure that things will be updated for the sake of better looks.

If content is what you’re looking for, then these professionals will make sure that yours will also become well polished. They will guarantee you keyword research, tags, and many more in order to make the website good to search for the many people to check out. It’s guaranteed to be the perfect way to provide the best ways to make the website easier to search, and web masters are talented for this purpose.

If there are any matters involving the site when it comes to its functionality, design, SEO, and other problems involving the site, it’s the job of a web master to make sure that the website will be good looking at all times. Rest assured that once they do this for you, your site will be perfectly good looking in many ways possible.